A Dream House

A Dream HouseMe, myself…

Bora; a violent, cold, northeasterly wind on the Adriatic sea.

and my dreams…

The dreams make me the one who suppose to be on that planet.

Sometimes worried but always excited
Sometimes contained but always wild
Sometimes selfish but always lover

I know, life is an unique gift given to creatures. But imagine! Imagine a plant that is deathless but never blossom.

“No, this is not acceptable. This plant will blossom, coloured the nature, a bee will carry its polllens to others flowers and it will spring to life on new flowers.”

I feel the same way. Yeah, I sacrifice myself many times nowadays not to reaching my unity. However, I know and believe truely to be.

A Dream House“Ad Astra Per Aspera” (Zorlukları Aşarak Yıldızlara Ulaşmak)

Organizer, god, dreamer whatever you define or mention is waiting your movements to help you out.

Just drop the other shoe, take the plunge.

“I will be with you” (Dreamer)

Remember the evalution steps that turned into unforgetable memories and miracles.

Now the life is charging for you and the time just flies…

Keep in your mind; All the limits, pressure and negativeness are illusions of our minds. Stand strog, rule your mind effectively and follow your heart.

I dream a house that inspires me to write, excercise, mediate, work, eat, love more…
I dream a house near blues and close to nature. I dream the chatting and singing with seagulls. I dream to open my house to my true friends and having new memories.

And I will go for it and let you know the improvements at my new poet.

Peace and love,

Bora Eke
(2011.02.06, Izmir, Aegean Coastside, Turkey)


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